CREW Cypress Dome Trails, Southwest FL

CREW stands for Corkscrew Regional Ecosystem Watershed and the focus lies on land conservation, including plant and wildlife protection, for Southwest Florida’s most precious natural resource: water. CREW is the largest intact watershed in our region. The CREW Land & Water Trust is a non-profit organization with different amazing trail systems. One of them – the Cypress Dome Trails – allow day use horseback riding!

There are 6 miles of trails open to equestrians, but also a number of service roads where you can ride on! The footing is mostly grass, so no hoof protection is needed. You’ll see different ecosystems along the way, most of the trails are pretty shaded and therefor great for hotter days. Lots of birds and other wildlife can be seen and maybe you’re even lucky to spot a bear in this park.

CREW Land & Water Trust does an amazing job and also offers a great variety of educational programs to the public. These include free guided hikes, strolling science seminars, workshops and presentations. Make sure to check them out on their website!

Quick info:

  • Trails: 6 miles, grass/sand
  • Stalls/Paddocks: No
  • Water: No
  • Restrooms: Yes, 1 port-a-potty
  • Camping: No horse camping
  • Cost: Free Special Use License required, donations accepted
  • More info about CREW Cypress Dome Trails

CREW Trail Map.jpg



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