Picayune Strand State Forest, Southwest FL

The southernmost State Forest in Florida! Picayune offers wonderful equestrian trails and a great horse campground, too!

Picayune is pretty close to the I-75, but there is no direct exit. You will drive through Golden Gate Estates until you make it to a bridge over I-75. Once you reach the dirt road, you’ll see the entrance to Picayune Strand State Forest! Take a right here and you’ll find the Forest Service and Campground very soon to your right.

There are plenty of paddocks to choose from and you can park your motor home or set up your tent wherever you like! Maybe even directly next to your horse! There are lots of fire pits and picnic benches and even a big pavilion to sit under!

22 miles of trails will guide you through pine flatwoods and cypress strands, which also offer great shade during hotter days! The footing is mostly grass and sand, some can be a bit deep in places. The trails are also part of the Florida Trailtrotter Program! Lots of wildlife (including bears, of which you mostly only find the tracks) can also to be seen!

Quick info:

  • Trails: 22 miles, sandy/grassy
  • Stalls: Plenty of non-covered paddocks
  • Water: Yes, non-potable
  • Restrooms: Yes, port-a-potty
  • Camping: Yes, primitive
  • Cost: $ 10 per night
  • More info about Picayune Strand State Forest

Picayune Trail Map




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