St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park, Central East FL

A free and secluded campground and trails with a view – that’s what you’ll find at St. Sebastian River State Park!

There are 3 different primitive horse campgrounds to choose from. Eagle Camp is a ride-in only camp (5 miles from the trail head) and only provides one paddock. Ranch Camp has four paddocks and non-potable water. And the campground we stayed in (Storytelling Camp/Horsemen’s Headquarters) provides 8 large paddocks and non-potable water for your horses! The camping area itself is spacious and surrounded by pine trees! It offers picnic benches, fire pits and a composting toilet.

The trails are sandy/grassy and meander through pine flat woods, open pastures and cypress domes, which can be fairly wet during the summer months. Unique about this park is the St. Sebastian River that flows next to the main road. There is a huge levee where you can also ride on. The view from above (especially at sunrise or sunset) over the forest on one side and the river on the other is just magical!


Quick info:

  • Trails: 60 miles
  • Paddocks: 8 in Storytelling Camp, half covered, spacious
  • Water: non-potable
  • Restrooms: Yes, 1 composting toilet
  • Camping: Yes, primitive
  • Cost: Free
  • More info about St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park

St. Sebastian River Trail Map


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