Hickory Hammock WMA, Central FL

Hickory Hammock WMA is a very secluded area with a beautiful equestrian campground that has a great setup! The barn, showers and restrooms are right in the middle, the campsites are around them and have picnic tables. The trails leave right off the camp in different directions. You can even ride to the Kissimmee River!

A free permit with a gate code is required to access McArthur Road, the campground is 2 miles in. Plan a little more time, the road is a dirt road and can be rough depending on weather/maintenance. Also be aware that there are venomous snakes around, so watch where you step!

Quick info:

  • Trails: 10 miles
  • Stalls: 1 barn with stalls
  • Water: Yes, non-potable
  • Restrooms, Showers: Yes, 2 composting toilets and 2 outdoor showers
  • Camping: Yes, primitive
  • Cost: Free permit required (Special Use License)
  • More info about Hickory Hammock WMA

Hickory Hammock Trail Map




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