A new beginning

Life happens, a while has passed since we used this blog. We sold our last motorhome after our last trip and it took a while to find an adequate replacement.

But here it is: The Longhorn Ranch EXPRESS.

Smaller, lighter, faster, and much more fuel efficient than our last setup. We still tow our 2001 Hawk two-horse trailer, yet now combined with a 2000 Chevrolet Express 3500. From being able to drive 65 top – (most of the time about 55) with our Gas Class A – to 70 mph, with the van #vanlife.  From  7-8mpg –  now 12mpg. Total length down from almost 50ft – to under 40ft. Makes driving into small campsites much easier. Many parks have a maximum limit of around 25 feet for RVs which was an issue before with a 29 ft motorhome.   We completely converted the previously empty interior to a fully equipped camper including pull-out bed, cabinets, sink and a toilet. With a gas grill and a two solar panels on the roof, we are self-sufficient for at least a few days! Now many more options are in our reach.

So and on we go – exploring the nature wonders of America on Horseback.


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