Antelope Island State Park, UT

After nearly getting into an accident on the Interstate because a Semi lost a couple of boxes of cargo, we arrived on Antelope Island early in the afternoon.

The Island is the biggest Island in the Great Salt Lake and is home to free roaming Bison and of course Antelope. From the brochure: the Island is about 28,000 acres and about 6,600 ft above sea level.  A couple of miles over the empty causeway and we reached the island. The weather was perfect, a nice gentle breeze and sunshine.  After getting the camp setup and the horses into the corrals, we went for a ride. One of the best rides of the whole journey.

We cantered up the hill for miles and enjoyed the view. Then we went down the hill and saw a couple of bison, amazing big creatures. After this great encounter we rode to the beach and enjoyed the plain endless wet beach. The memories of this ride will be always with us.

In the evening we got also visited by a lone bison in camp and saw a coyote while leaving the island on the next day.

We would suggest to visit Antelope Island in early spring or fall, because it can get very buggy during the summer. We were warned of the gnats that just hatched. Luckily, there were none, but instead there were thousands of mosquitoes which we only could leave behind us when cantering very fast.

Cost is $ 30 per night for primitive overnight camping. It’s very peaceful out there and a wonderful place to enjoy nature and lots of wildlife!

Quick info:

  • Trails: 50 miles
  • Stalls: No, but 2 paddocks
  • Water: No
  • Restrooms: 1 vault toilet
  • Camping: Yes, primitive. Only 2 equestrian sites
  • Cost: $ 30 first night, $ 24 subsequent night
  • More info about Antelope Island State Park

Antelope Island Trail Map-1

IMG_0388-small IMG_0390-small IMG_0393-small IMG_0396-small IMG_0397-small IMG_0410-small IMG_0411-small IMG_0418-small IMG_0421-small IMG_0426-small IMG_0444-small IMG_0459-small IMG_0463-small IMG_0465-small IMG_0471-small IMG_0472-small IMG_0477-small IMG_0484-small IMG_0493-small IMG_0500-small IMG_0504-small IMG_0509-small IMG_0511-small IMG_0517-small IMG_0522-small

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