Zion National Park, UT

After camping in the boonies only about half an hour east of Zion we arrived early in the morning. Thankfully because a long line of cars was already forming in front of the entrance. After paying $15 extra for the motor home for an “Escort through the tunnel”, which we never saw, we entered the Zion Canyon, first impression was: hey they did use red asphalt. The first part of the road was a normal mountain road, but soon after we started our climb down into the canyon. Very slow, the 15 miles to the Visitor center took about 30min. The views were quiet nice, lots of rocks and small canyons everywhere we looked. One of the main attractions of Zion is the sport of Canyoneering. People take a couple of days and hike, climb, crawl and dive through the Canyons. After we got to the Visitor Center and asked where we could horseback ride the lady told us, at one place right after the entrance of Zion (where we had just been driving by 30min earlier and 3000ft higher), the next place to ride is outside of Zion on the west side at the Chinle Trailhead. We drove there and the road got very narrow, curvy and also steep. No way we could have made it to the parking area of the trailhead. Luckily we found a place to turn around and parked just beside the road and went for a short ride.

Quick info:

  • Trails: 70 miles, very steep, rocky, mountainous
  • Stalls: No
  • Water: Depending on the season, there may be spring water available. Check here
  • Restrooms: Yes, in visitor center
  • Camping: Yes, primitive and ride-in only. Hop Valley Site A, only 1 night allowed
  • Cost: $ 30 per vehicle including all passengers. Valid for 7 days
  • More info about Riding your own horse in Zion National Park

Zion Trail Map-1

IMG_0074-small IMG_0079-small   IMG_0068-small IMG_0070-small IMG_0073-smallIMG_0082-smallIMG_0086-small

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